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Delivering projects, delivering results

Projects are our speciality. We’re well known for our thorough, outcome driven approach to project delivery, which is why many of New Zealand’s leading corporations and government agencies have chosen us for key ventures.

techspace’s experience in project delivery means we know what works – and what to avoid. We’ve managed projects worth up to $200 million, so we’re not afraid to take on challenging, complex work. Past projects include managing retail mergers, construction and establishment of Tier 3 DataCentres, transforming IT capability for a food safety organisation, and reworking IT infrastructure for a national airline.

Whether your project is small and simple or large and complex, we pride ourselves on our end-to-end delivery. This means we’ll take your business right through the process, from establishing the scope of the project and making recommendations, to developing plans, setting up governance, appointing people to key roles, and finally implementation.

We’ll also provide the resources needed to make the project run smoothly, sort out scheduling, and establish risk management procedures to protect your business.

It’s about making sure your project runs smoothly, from beginning to end. 

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