Resourcing Services

Getting the right people into your business is critical to successfully delivering within the current technology environment. This means not just placing people into projects and functions within your organisation, but ensuring you are able to scale your resources up and down at a functional level when needed. Techspace specialises in assisting companies to develop their business and technology resource capabilities.


Techspace’s approach to resource services

At Techspace we make it our mission to find the best people for your need. After all, people are at the core of what makes Techspace tick. Our experience means we focus on your project requirements first and foremost, and then use our extensive network to then match best-fit candidates.

The Techspace value proposition is about sharing our knowledge that we as technology and business experts have continuously built up. We are not about filling seats, or getting you the most CVs. We are your business partners that are focused on delivering successful project outcomes for your needs.

resource placement

Techspace sources and secures both contract and permanent resources for our partners. We actively work with you to understand what you need at a technical level, and to understand the cultural and organisational fit. Our approach is to provide the best quality candidates we can, and our focus is on developing a long-term relationship by constantly providing value.

We provide a wide range of technology and business roles in the following areas:

  • Project and programme management
  • Business analysis
  • Architecture
  • Development, engineering and testing
  • Security
  • Data and Analytics
  • Commercial and financial
  • Change management
  • Executive and management roles
  • Digital including Strategy, Management, UX/UD


resource services

Often the barrier to getting a project underway is having the time to understand what resources you need and when you need them. Techspace can assist by providing expert capability to work inside your teams to help you to get clarity in this area.

We have a number of recruitment experts who can work with you in the following areas:

  • Resource planning and modelling
  • Capability assessment
  • Defining resource needs and role profiles
  • Recruitment functions - shortlisting, candidate validation and qualification, reference and background checking, interviewing
  • Resource on-boarding
  • Training and mentoring of resources


managed resource model

Organisations often have on-going resource requirements, and the process of going to market for individual roles is time consuming and doesn’t always provide the best commercial outcome. Techspace can provide resources on a managed service model whereby you select the role type and volume that you want on an ongoing basis, and we will do the rest to keep your programme office fully resourced.

We can use our contacts and market knowledge to target the best people before they come to market, maximising the quality and productivity of your team. We provide an internal resourcing support to help you determine what you need, when you need them, and manage all the administration elements of the roles.

Our goal is to provide long term value and be your resourcing partner of choice to help with;

  • Removing the need for internal sourcing for individual programmes
  • Fast and effective means to building the right team
  • Maintaining the ability to scale up and down as needed
  • A cost-effective model with volume breaks and lower average costs
  • Aggregating resources under Techspace as a single partner for easy admin and control


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