Getting the right people into a business is critical to successfully delivering within the current technology environment. This means not just placing people into projects and functions within an organisation, but also being clear on who you need and when you need them. It means having a resource strategy which blends both permanent and contract resource and can be scaled up and down at a functional level when needed. Techspace specialises in assisting companies to develop these strategies and lift their resource capabilities.

Techspace’s approach to Resource Services

At Techspace we make it our mission to help you to define what you need and then find the best people for your business. Our experience running projects and technology teams means we focus on your requirements first and foremost, and then use our extensive network to then match best- fit candidates. We do so much more than just find people though, as we can also help with resource planning, capability assessments, cost bench-marking, supplier aggregation and much more.

The Techspace value proposition is about sharing our knowledge that we as technology and business experts have continuously built up. We are not about filling seats, or getting out the most CVs. We are business partners that are focused on delivering successful project outcomes for our customers.

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