Project Delivery

Many organisations struggle to develop the delivery capabilities they need to effectively deliver large numbers of projects. Often this is a result of legacy issues and structural problems, and initiatives such as training or PMO intervention often don’t correct these performance issues.

Techspace’s approach to delivery

Techspace is an expert at delivery – our approach is centred on improving the health of your organisation’s project delivery model. We do this by understanding why and what is currently limiting your ability to deliver, working with you to define what the end state will look like, followed by actions in the form of a roadmap to move you to this state.

Delivery Assessment and Change

We’ll work with you on a delivery assessment to review your project delivery capability – covering processes, people, programmes and individual projects, and governance. This will result in a detailed report identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement, and then recommending a path to lifting your delivery capability, enabling business value early in the project lifecycle.

Ongoing Support

Techspace is able to supply a high performing team of Project Delivery practitioners to establish or recover critical programmes and projects. Our practitioners are experienced, and are continuously engaged throughout the scope of the project, which in turn ensures that the overall outcome of the project is successful.

We can also provide senior Project Directors / Programme Managers to sit across to coach and mentor project delivery streams, ensuring that project delivery is successfully achieved by utilising your existing in-house project teams.

Sharing knowledge is what we are good at. Our goal is to become your delivery partner, to work with you to grow your capability in this area.

What we can help with

  • Portfolio management
  • PMO and goverance
  • Programme and project management frameworks
  • Project recovery
  • Agile delivery
  • Execution and deployment assurance


Want to talk to us about how we could help?

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