Market Expertise

We specialise in the following parts of the market and can assist you with a range of services within these areas of Technology.

project delivery

Technology projects can be big or small, simple or complex, focused or broad – every business has different needs, so the possibilities are endless. Whatever the scope of your next project, techspace can make sure it goes smoothly.

Successful, efficient project delivery is our speciality. We have a range of services in this area, including providing extra resources for an existing internal project, getting a foundering project back on track, or running end-to-end delivery. The level of service depends on your business capability, where the project stands, and what you hope to achieve.


Business demands are evolving at an ever-increasing rate, partly driven by rapidly changing technology capabilities such as cloud services, internet of things, and often by mergers and acquisitions in an increasingly rationalised and globalised corporate arena. Many businesses are faced with the need to transform their capabilities and understand how they operate as a result of this changing environment. Making sure your use of technology supports your business objectives can be difficult – which is why techspace’s transformation services are so important.

We offer a range of services and resources to support and embed transformation in your company. We’re focused not just on changing the technology, but on making sure your business makes the changes it needs to maximise the benefits of this technology.


The business reasons to make use of Cloud services are compelling. Cloud solutions can enhance business productivity and speed to market, while reducing costs and greatly improving performance and efficiency.

The challenge many businesses face is how best to use the Cloud in light of the rapidly evolving technologies and options available, and in light of their existing systems. techspace has run this evaluation / adoption process for a wide range of customers and can assist with strategy, road-maps, business cases, solution development and implementation.

Our independence is key to our delivering the best outcomes for you because we are able to work with multiple providers and technologies and develop a solution that works for you. 


Digital is a rapidly evolving field, and the speed with which businesses are able to adapt their technologies can provide a significant competitive advantage. Often this requires a step change in thinking, and a detailed view of your current technologies in order to develop a clear path to move beyond them.

techspace has extensive experience in this area, and can assist with your digital strategy and roadmaps, digital transformation, mobile applications, digital risk management and security. 

datacentres & infrastructure

Your Technology Infrastructure is the foundation of your business – including facilities, computing, data storage, backup and archiving, voice and data networks and connectivity, and anything else your business needs to run smoothly. Your infrastructure may be run using cloud services or through your own systems and DataCentre's.

At techspace, we offer a range of services at different levels to help you get more value out of your technology infrastructure. We can help you with strategy and planning, selecting the technology and provider best suited to your business. Then we’ll guide you through implementation and manage your infrastructure once it’s in place.

techspace can also provide a range of services to cover the build and commissioning of new DataCentres, migration / transition, strategy, market assessments, running RFX and tender processes, developing business cases and assessing vendor capability within the DataCentre market.


Applications are designed to perform key functions for your business – so it’s essential that they’re implemented properly. 

Our focus is on advisory services and project delivery for applications, with services including; strategy and roadmaps, developing requirements, upgrades and implementations, and even getting an existing project back on track.