Decision Support

Technology is one of the largest expenditures for most businesses, and a well-run technology function is one of the most valuable assets and enablers an organisation can have. Our decision support services will help you make informed decisions using technology oriented on your business objectives.

However, technology spending is often questioned usually with good reason. Research reveals that over 50% of large projects exceed their budget, and only 44% of projects deliver their planned benefits (source: McKinsey Oct 2012). Also, the rapidly changing technology landscape is forcing organisations to look at where they focus their resources to get the most out of technology.

Making informed decisions on how to best focus on technology to support business objectives is often a major challenge.

Techspace’s approach to decision support

At Techspace, we are pragmatists. We understand business constraints and limitations, and collaboratively we aim to provide practical and thorough solutions to ensure you’re getting the best value that you can from your investment.

Providing good advice is all about supporting and empowering people to make smart decisions. Whether it’s undergoing major transformations, implementing new systems, or reviewing organisational capability, having capable experts that can share knowledge and provide hands-on support is the key to success.

What we can help with

  • Procurement and sourcing (sourcing strategy, market scans, RFP management, negotiations, vendor management)
  • Business cases
  • Development of strategic plans
  • Goverance
  • Organisational structure & capability augmentation
  • Benchmarking/cost modelling
  • Capability assessments
  • Quality assurance of plans/business cases etc


Want to talk to us about how we could help?

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