At techspace, we make it our mission to find the best people for the job. Our experience means we know talent and drive when we see it – and we are always looking for new people,with the right qualities to join our team.

Our Values

Unlike some tech companies, techspace thinks long term. We’re not just looking for the next project or the latest technology, we want to build sustainable relationships with our clients, and work alongside them as their businesses change and grow. That’s why we try to work with like-minded people and businesses – the ones that are as committed as we are to making a difference.

We do this by helping them get more out of their technology in lots of different ways – by managing projects and providing invaluable advice. Whatever we do, we do properly. We do what we say we’re going to do – which means we don’t make rash promises or exaggerate our results.

Having said that, our results are exceptional. We pride ourselves on being agile and responsive to changes in technology and the market, which makes us a leader in our field.

We’re about substance, not style – we’d rather impress our customers with great results than with a fancy logo.

We’re a fiercely independent NZ company, proud to be part of this great little country and committed to helping other NZ businesses move forward.

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If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you. You can give us a call or an e-mail, or complete the form here.

Job Opportunities

Agile Project Managers

Techspace are currently looking for experienced Agile Project Managers. We have a range of engagements needing technical PM's who are experienced with Agile methodologies and are able to facilitate agile processes including stand-ups, product backlog grooming, sprint reviews and retrospectives.

Contact us using the form below to find out more.
come and work for us

techspace are always looking for talented people to come and work with us. We have a range of projects underway, and are constantly looking for quality people in Auckland and Wellington to join our business. 

If you're a Business Analyst, Architect, PM, Project Co-ordinator or administrator, financial or commercial person then send us your details using the form below.  

looking for project managers

Techspace are looking for experienced Project Managers in both Auckland and Wellington. We have a range of opportunities in the digital, system integration and CRM fields. Contact us using the form below.

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